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Evo Classics 1-14 uploaded -

I had started this site way back in April 2006 with the idea that I would do more EVO comics. I uploaded 3 I had made previously and intended on making more.

However, though I greatly enjoy EVO and the EVO antics, I've never really managed to get back into the mood to make more EVO comics. They're very harsh, abrasive, nasty comics. They worked well when I was in a bad mood, as EVO usually just shouted at people.

I'm a lot more mellow now. My life is pretty much exactly where I want it to be. I have work, and I have my hobbies, and I'm more-or-less content. Thus, my need to shout angrily at pixel-people has diminished somewhat.

Which is why, in 9 months, I haven't made a single EVO comic.

To compensate, though, I've decided to upload the original 14 comics I made for EVO, which were previously hosted on my old Comixa website. There's some others that I have done which were holiday-specific (christmas and halloween), but because they use a different picture size, I wasn't able to just C&P them into a template like I did with these. So they'll have to wait.

Anyways, I decided to put the EVO classics at the beginning of EVO, so if you click the "First Comic" button, you'll see them there.

Enjoy! :D