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EVO lives! -

From Jimmy:
EVO is a crazy coffee drinking robot. I don't know why he's a crazy coffee drinking robot, nor do I care. He's offensive and rude and a little bit pathetic, but he's also cute (if you get past the 2-bit metallic exterior).

To be honest, this is more joe's comic than mine. you can tell by the fact that there's no random bits of sex and nudity thrown in, and also by the fact that the humor is based entirely on coffee, robots, and being mean.

As with our other comic, Guys in Color, this is V2 (V for Volume, or Version if you're more techie). V1 is hiding somewhere, on some now ugly comics site (called Comixa, if you must know. I thought of the name, and I still like it, but joe claims he doesn't have the time to run it and I know absoultely nothing about web-design, nor do I care to). I don't know if it'll ever see the light of day again.

Anyways, here's what exists for EVO. More should come, eventually.

Love ya.