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A New Evo -

From Joe:
When Jimmy announced to me that he found a new site to host our comics, I was indifferent to say the least. I had posted a few on my myspace account, and reposted them again on a message board, and both times I was less that pleased with the result. So, to get to the point, I gave up. I went to do other things (I'm writing a novel), and I sorta walked away from the comics.

So he posted our first set, that being 3 or 4 Guys in Color and 2 EVOs, and then sent me the links. And I'm here to say he was right. Doing these stupid webcomics is fun, and it's fun to have them somewhere that looks nice and takes little on our part (HTML wise). I saw the EVO and the Guys in Color yesterday, and immediately I wanted to do it again. I drew up the next Guys in Color within an hour of visiting the site (I think, I've been sick this weekend so time is both moving very quickly and very slowly). And this morning I drew up a few more. Not to be neglected, I went ahead and did a new EVO too.

We'll see where it goes from here. I'm still writing a novel, and that still takes precedence over the comics. But as long as Jimmy helps do the comics, I think it should be ok.

Alright, see ya all later.